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The H1 Debate

My tweet last week sparked a large discussion , and so I decided to try and find some opinions, and hopefully definitive answers to the H1 debate.

The debate seems to polarise the web community, with many web designers using differing methods. Some tag the logo as an H1 element whilst others using the H1 for the page title.

Twitter Opinions

During the weekend, I spent a few hours with serial Twitter developer Ollie Parsley and we created www.h1debate.com. The website was massively more popular than either of us imagined which in the space of a week, had been featured on over 20 websites, visited over 3,000 times and has had over 300 unique votes on the subject.

As of 6th Feb 2009, the ratio is split 70/30, with 70% of people preferring to use the H1 tag for the main heading, and 30% opting to wrap the company name or logo around an H1. Continue reading