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FootyTweets Receives Cease & Desist

As you may know, I designed the FootyTweets website with Ollie Parsley, and he recently received a Cease & Desist letter.

The site has around 17,000 subscribers, and sends thousands of visitors to the football teams official sites every day.

I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment, digg, blog or tweet about this unfortunate sitatuation

Design Work on FootyTweets

A site I have recently done some design work on has been launched by Ollie Parsley this week. FootyTweets allow you to follow your favourite football team and get tweets of news and goal updates as they happen.

Ollie has also been working on a Rugby and Cricket version and I think there are plans for a Motorsport version too.

I thought the project was a really good idea, and so volunteered my services to produce a quick PhotoShop mockup and XHTML design, from which Ollie could base the sites on. I initially based the site around a 12 column grid design, with each team crest taking up column and used a template from the extremely useful 960.gs site.

footy tweets grid design

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