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Getting the most out of Twitter

Recently, a lot of clients have felt that they need to be on Twitter, and so have signed up, tweeted a bit and followed a few people. The question that seems to follow is: “Whats next?”

There seems to be the feeling that, especially at the start, without many followers you are talking to no one, and have no one listening. In discussing this, I hope some of these points help you get the most out of Twitter.

Create, Curate, Comment

Create content

You’ve probably heard that content is king. Well it’s true. Good content will always find readers. So spend time to generate great content. Now Twitter can be tricky to get your point across in just 140 characters, so if you don’t already have one, setting up a blog should be the next thing to do. It allows you to go into a bit more detail and elaborate on your points.

Then, by tweeting out the link, your followers may want to retweet (publish your tweet to their followers) or promote it themselves.

Curate content

Now, generating posts like that takes time, so not every tweet will like that, so follow your peers, and follow industry leaders and link to their posts.

You may be initially sceptical about this, but becoming a curator, and reposting other peoples good content makes you a valuable person to follow. If you constantly talk and link to interesting stuff, people will want to listen.

Comment, join in on the conversation

One of the fantastic things about Twitter is its instant, real-time feedback so if people are asking questions, or looking for an opinion on something, converse with them. Firstly, they’ll notice who you are (if they don’t currently follow you) and if your opinion is a good one, you’ll be known as someone with a decent opinion.


  • Have a voice, have an opinion and people will want to listen to you
  • Create, curate and comment
  • Tweet predictably and with rhythm. Try not to be quiet for a few days and then tweet 10 times a minute

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