Monthly Archives: December 2014

2014 past, 2015 future

It has been a fantastic year. I am working on a project I have been stoking for several years, and managed to gain experience in User Centred Design, which I want to pursue more in 2015.

This blog, and the website are long overdue a refresh. I set this site up in 2009. I was doing a very different job, web development in a small agency dreaming on designing full time; fast-forward 6 years and I am a Designer for a company who’s website receives 2 million visitors a week – a number that staggers me.

The industry is forever changing, but this year for me as a front-ender it has changed most drastically. Embracing tools such as CodeKit and Grunt mean that assets are optimised in fractions of a second with no hassle. I really don’t know why I stayed away from these things as long as I have – it reignited my interest in front-end development.

But I am at the stage of my career where I attempt to specialise in my profession. This year I was still programming PHP, HTML, SASS and working on wireframes and user testing. With focus comes a competence and authority in your opinions. So as much I have enjoyed coding I look to do less, apart from some functional wireframes where required.

2015 is where I really begin experimenting with A/B and MVT. Gathering feedback from users and designing improved experiences, and measuring these things. This is my future.