Office Hack Days

This has been a wish for several years. I’ve been promised a few, and tried to organise a couple after work, but there are many reasons why I think that a daytime hack day at the office would be a good thing for everyone, including the business.

In the office environment where I now work our job is to deliver projects. This means that other people decide what projects we work on. The beauty of a hack day is seeing how the team will (hopefully) be very enthusiastic at the prospect of building something they choose to.

These are a couple reasons why I think office hack days should exist:

  • The balance of control would also be firmly in the hands of the developers.
  • Watch the team conceive, organise, plan and present everything without PM or BA involvement.
  • It’ll show the full potential of the team members.
  • Cheaper than an away-day or team-building event.
  • They may come up with some awesome ideas.

There are probably 101 other reasons why hack days are good things so if you have any, post them in the comments.

One thought on “Office Hack Days

  1. Matt

    Haha, great idea I never heard about something similar! I will definitely suggest a hack day to my office colleagues, should be lot of fun :)

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