Mockup of a Co-op mobile website layout

Make the most out of the pages QR codes link to

So, I have spoken before about QR codes, and their place in the world currently; but I do use them myself — mainly as a curiosity as to where they lead (IMO each QR code should have a URL attached, but that topic is for another day).

Follow the journey I took when interacting with this QR code from a Co-op leaflet

QR code in a Co-op leaflet

Then I saw this on my phone:

The Co-op website on my phone

Now, given that they created the QR code, they knew that people would be looking at it, most probably, on a mobile device. So why not optimise it? All the link did was take me to their website. It didn’t entice me in, they didn’t focus their message, and I lost interest.

Here is what I would have done

Mockup of a Co-op mobile website layout

It is a quick example of how much more inviting it is to a mobile viewer.

Take note where you take people to with a QR code

If you do fancy using a QR code, next time, think about if you can create a page specifically for that purpose. You might find it has more impact than a regular page.

One thought on “Make the most out of the pages QR codes link to

  1. Marc Jenkins

    I agree that it’s safe to assume the user is on a mobile device. I’ve seen some QR codes point to home pages which is no good, it should point to a specific page related to the content of the advert.

    We’ve used QR codes before. We always put it through a click tracker so we can see exactly how many people have scanned the QR code. I still think it’s a bit of gimmick – until (if) a QR reader is built into mobile OS’s I can’t see it making a difference.

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