Why can’t twitter handle URLs?

It baffles me how Twitter, with all it’s brainpower can’t handle URLs properly. For example, highersites.co.uk wouldn’t appear as a link, nor would www.highersites.co.uk, and yet whilst typing this on my phone, the WordPress app asked if I wanted to make a link.


Nobody *ever* types the http:// unless they have to, and especially when that alone takes up 5% of the total tweet length.

And this Twitter URL thing makes the whole thing look even more ridiculous. I mean, why rewrite all of the domains, when the tweets become unreadable, especially if you want to refer to the domain name.

Does this annoy anybody else, or is it just me?

One thought on “Why can’t twitter handle URLs?

  1. Martin Bean

    I hadn’t given it much thought but yes, it does irritate I have to prefix all URLs with http:// and that Twitter puts it through it’s URL service t.co but horribly truncates your URL in your tweet from the middle!

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