Desert Island Video Games

I saw this post today and immediately wanted to collate my own list. So here are my top 5 games of all time:

1. Sonic The Hedgehog

First first game and console I ever owned. Just heading SEGAAAA takes me straight back.

Yes it was a simple game, but that was the beauty – Just run and jump. I still remember the cheat for all levels: ↑, ↓, ←, →, A + Start together.

2. Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Moving up until an N64, selling the console was a bad decision, and I still think about buying another one off eBay.

Zelda was probably my first big RPG and the game felt massive, it WAS massive. I never actually completed it but the strategy and the fact that Link grew up as you played him made this game so endearing.

3. 007 GoldenEye

For it’s multiplayer capability alone I could quite easily choose this game. Before COD this was the game we all went around our friends’ houses to play.

4. Gran Turismo 4

Moving up to the PS2, I played this game so much I wore out the disc! Coming from the N64, the graphics were immense, and the fact it was a track and rally game and had hundreds of cars meant I would never get bored of it.


Moving up to my current console, the Xbox 360. When this game came out, I couldn’t believe the size, and the fact that you could interact with so much. The best thing about the game was that even when the game was completed, there were still little sub-missions and things that you could do. I’ll still occasionally pop on it to hoon around the city and use a couple of Uzi rounds!

6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

A fantastic franchise, and a really cool time in my childhood, watching 411 Video Magazine and skating after school

7. Any FIFA game

It’s hard to pick out a single FIFA game, as they are largely unchanged year on year. I was a PES person for a while, but came back to FIFA in their 2010 issue.

8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The first online multiplayer game I played. At one point, I played it so much I could hear the ‘ting’ of grenades at night when I going to sleep!

Keep going…

I think this list could get pretty exhaustive, with Mario Kart, Pokemon and many more games games to mention.

Now it’s your turn

If you liked reading this post, then I would love it if you collated your own list and either left or a comment, or i’ll link to your post.

3 thoughts on “Desert Island Video Games

  1. Steve

    Id agree pretty much with your list , but for me gaming started earlier my earliest fave games where ‘Roland on the ropes’ ‘Fruit machine’ and ‘Harrier Attack!’ all on the formidible Amstrad CPC 464 ((with a green Screen)they claimed at the time that Green was better for your eyes then black and white, but it was probably just cheaper to make!)
    later came the Sega Master System, By far my favourite game was’Safari Hunt! you used a ‘light gun’ to shoot ducks etc on the screen. this prompted my firt hardware hack. moving the electronics of the light gun (a futuristic target pistol) into the body of a brocken air rifle for a more ‘realistic feel’

    Sega MegaDrive brought Sonic and ‘Senna’ awesome game!!
    Later I had a philips CDi player but that console was a fail with no decent games. but its ‘cousin’ the Sony playstation brought the ultimate “Game Changer” (excuse the pun)Gran tourismo 1. never before had the world seen such realistic graphics and simulation!!
    later gaming on PC I feel ‘X3 reunion’ ‘Battlefield 1942′ ‘and the total war series are worth a mention. and back to consoles with xbox 360’s ‘Farcry’ and ‘kudos?’

    So what games would I take on my desert island……. you know what? I realy dont know! There is so much variety available now and I can get frustrated whan I get stuck in a game or complete it to easily so…….. maybe id just take a pc with a internet connection a credit card and a steam account.


  2. Paul Post author

    Thanks for the reply. They took up a lot of my time growing up as a kid so it was pretty fun making the list!

    I feel like doing one for films and music now…

  3. Teddy Zetterlund

    > Before COD this was the game we all **went around our friends’ houses to play**.

    That’s the best part of this whole article, such memories.

    Good job on taking on the challenge, I did as well and it’s extremely hard to even try and create these kinds of lists.

    I totally agree with GoldenEye and Gran Turismo (any of them), but the others aren’t my taste really. I’d choose PES over FIFA any day (except for last year, hehe).

    When it comes to CoD I just tend to fallback on Counter-Strike instead but that’s probably cause that’s the first online FPS *I* played a lot.

    Here’s my post:

    I don’t allow comments at the moment but I’m available on Twitter if there’s anything you have an opinion on ;)

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