Featured in .net magazine #217

I was really proud to be featured in this months edition of .net magazine. As it is the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers, to be a part of the magazine was a privilege and an honour.

Every month, 3 designers take part in a build-off; armed with the same brief they have creative freedom to design a website and talk about their process. As a subscriber for over a year, it has always been my favourite part of the magazine which I always flick to straight away when the magazine lands on my door.

How Twitter helped my land the gig

I have followed a number of the .net mag team on twitter, and when @danoliver talked about some new editorial for the magazine I replied and said I was interested in getting into a future issue. They obviously saw something in me and after sending over some of my work they offered me a place in the next issue.

Naturally I have bought another copy, and showed all the guys at work. I’m just a little proud to say the least, and I can now say i’m a .net magazine featured designer.

2 thoughts on “Featured in .net magazine #217

  1. Paul Post author

    Thanks for the comment. To be honest, my personal site has always been in a state of flux. As I am employed as a full-time designer, I’ve never needed to seek work from the website, and because it has only been an evening and weekend sort-of-thing I agree, I haven’t spent enough time on my site.

    By using a default theme, I can at least write new posts and have them display nicely, whilst I work on what I want the site to achieve.

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