Russell French Vehicle Sales

If you are looking for Russell’s car sales website, please read this first:

I first want to point out that this is just my personal, unfortunate experience, and should be taken as only that.

My initial dealings with Russell French Vehicle Sales were positive. Located rurally, the fact that they weren’t a typical looking car showroom did not bother me. After telephoning for a Sunday appointment, my Dad and I were heartily greeting, and were both able to test drive the car alone, and park it in a nearby lay-by for an inquisitive inspection.

A Happy Chappy

Having been very happy during the test drive, we left, and phoned the same day to put a deposit down on the car. By now you might be thinking ‘sounds great – what’s the problem?’, but that’s the beauty of Russell French Vehicle Sales; everything went silky smooth—Until we had bought the car and driven away.

The Deal

During our last face-to-face conversation, and whilst purchasing the car it was pointed out to us that the car only had one key. The previous owner had misplaced the other one, and seemed unable to find it. He said he was going to have another look, and if he found it, simply pop it in the post. The salesman even said to me that ‘you can’t have a car with just one key’. It was then that I mentioned that if there was any reason why the second key could not be found, I would be looking for Russell French Vehicle Sales to provide me a replacement key, stating:

“I certainly won’t be paying for a second key.”

This was acknowledged in a way that meant that they had no problem with this statement that I had just made. I was very specific on this point, and mentioned it more than once. Never was it mentioned that this agreement had to be written down, as up to this point, the transaction had been very open and relaxed.

Poor After Sales Service

Fast-forward 4 weeks and the missing key was nowhere to be found. I had phoned a number of times before this trying to resolve the situation, ultimately telling them but I had no choice but to source a key for myself, and would be looking for a cheque in the post to reimburse me.

After another 2 weeks and numerous phone calls (and by this time I was out of pocket by £133) there was still no sign of a cheque.

Things came to a head when Russell French Vehicle Sales had said (and bear in mind that this was 8 weeks and over 20 phone conversations later) that they would not be paying me for the second key, as crucially we had not put this down in writing.

This was the first time that this had been mentioned. I was shocked. By their admission, Russell French Vehicle Sales are a laid-back, low-key and friendly organisation. This change in behaviour got me fairly annoyed, not just at the cost of a new key I had to fork out, but that it had been around 8 weeks since the purchase of the car that this had been mentioned.

Going Nowhere

It was clear that things could not be resolved, and so I just wanted to let people know that if they are buying a car from Russell French Vehicle Sales to HAVE EVERYTHING IN WRITING.

Can This Be Resolved?

Very simply. My request is this: A cheque for £133 – The cost of a second key that I had to pay for.

If you have a similar story, or would just like to comment, there is a form at the bottom of this page.

And Russell French Vehicle Sales, I welcome your response. I will post your reply on this page to give you a fair representation.

– Paul

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