The Merits of WordPress

After talking recently about the pros and cons of building your own CMS with a colleague, and especially the time that goes into building one. Is it really worth it?

Now I must state that as primarily a designer, the developer role doesn’t come as easy to me. The main reason I use WordPress on this blog is that is was so quick and easy to set up.

However with speed being a major factor with mobile web, Google rankings and the complexity of WordPress, I’m pretty sure that a billy-basic CMS would load a lot quicker. But do people really care?

Reality probably means that I’ll stick with WordPress, upgrade to v3 and be able to write blog posts like I am now on my iPhone.

So, have you ever written your own CMS, or wanted to, or do you think that off-the-shelf systems are more than capable?

One thought on “The Merits of WordPress

  1. jamie knight

    hiya paul

    interesting post, i have written a couple of small CMS system and mostly agree. for many many sites an off the shelf solution (WP, textpattern symphony etc) is great, but for certain niche sites (tiny microsites, sites with sign up requirements etc) then a niche CMS can do the job.

    Having your own CMS is a lot of work (i have one, but i still only use it on 50% of sites i do!) but it can be very rewarding, it can make that 2-3 hour wordpress site and complex client support a 10-20 min integration job with minimal interface and support issues.

    I dont think there is one CMS perfect for everything, slowly i am starting to use multiple systems depending on what the site is for / will do. Right now i am using a combination of perch, textpattern my own CMS and occasionally symphony (which is more of a framework than a CMS).

    Great post!


    Jamie + Lion

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