The Constant Redesigner

This site has, it seems always remained in a state of flux. In it’s current ‘version 3′ guise I have never been 100% happy with it.

The many redesigns are usually due to me getting bored with the site. My skills and design knowledge have improved and a personal brand redesign along the way have changed the look also.

Part of the problem comes with a lack of purpose for the site. Although a designer I don’t have much of a portfolio on the website – mainly because I am currently in full-time employment and do not show any work I do during office hours. The site also isn’t a promotional tool either so it only exists to be a place to blog and host experiments.

So I again rethink the purpose of the site, and after recent analysis reports being constructed by @RobHawkes I have been rethinking what I want to do with the site:

  • Publish experiments
  • Indepth research
  • Front-end focused
  • Collate social profile (, twitter, dribbble, delicious)
  • Frequent blogging

This will no doubt come with a new website design, and i’m also thinking about moving from WordPress to a custom CMS. Along with all the hacking i’ve heard about recently to WordPress blogs I have always had a keen interest in optimisation and speed.

Watch this space.

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