A better-late-than-never post on a game played by Tim Van Damme, Elliot Jay Stocks and Sam Brown (i’m sure there are plenty more people playing the game!).

Simply go to your browser, type in the letters A-Z and blog the results. So here are mine:

  1. amazon.co.uk
  2. bucket.unstoppablerobotninja.com
  3. cufon.shoqolate.com
  4. delicious.com
  5. entitycode.com
  6. flickr.com
  7. google.com
  8. hootmonitor.com
  9. ilovetypography.com
  10. jasonsantamaria.com
  11. kitbag.com
  12. logooftheday.com
  13. maban.co.uk
  14. next.co.uk
  15. o2.co.uk
  16. prandall.com
  17. n/a
  18. readernaut.com
  19. scrunchup.com
  20. twitter.com
  21. n/a
  22. viget.com
  23. n/a
  24. xavierencinas.com
  25. youtube.com
  26. n/a

But rather than just knock them up in a UL like some, and being that kind of person I had to make an ordered list and use capitalised letters. The CSS to do that is:


So play along and leave your results as a comment!

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