Are We Too Connected?

I just thought about this whilst checking work emails at the weekend. Are we too connected? Now I agree that being able to access everything, all the time is a wonderful thing, but by emailing on a Saturday, or weeknight, are we creating a 24hr culture for ourselves?

Do you have to make a consious effort to not check emails over the weekend or just finish off that markup before going to bed?

I am sure that a lot of the self-employed people are thinking “that’s nothing new” but is it something you feel obliged to do, or do you feel it adds value to your service to be contactable throughout the week.

This is probably the least constructed blog post to date, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the situation.

One thought on “Are We Too Connected?

  1. Neil

    I tell myself that I am ‘getting ahead’ for the week by doing work on the weekends. And it is largely true. But its also true that every email you send can result in multiple replies….so maybe I am just creating more work for myself? Since I am part- owner of our business, that is probably a good thing (more business).
    Still, you miss out on alot of leisure things…and on those weekends when I don’t work, I truly find I am much more productive the following week.

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