What I’m Reading Right Now


I am a lot more of a magazine skimmer than a book reader, but I thought I would take a quick snap of what is on my coffee table at the moment…


After making use of a 50% promotion just after Christmas, I decided to subscribe to the magazine, and definitely enjoy reading the articles, and especially seeing the differing designer visions in the website build-off. The magazine always covers some interesting topics, and the interviews are something I particularly enjoy reading.

F1 Racing

Another magazine I subscribe to and essential reading for an F1 enthusiast, like myself. They write some great behind the scenes articles, and I think the design of the magazine and photography is particularly engaging. It’s also a good resource when I’m making predictions for a fantasy formula 1 game I play.


Now I’m not a huge boy racer, but I do buy this magazine occasionally. I bought this mag primarily for the free DVD they included with it but I used to buy this fairly regularly a couple of years ago. If you hadn’t gathered from the F1 Racing subscription I am a pretty big petrolhead, and so I am interested in anything with an engine.

The Tipping Point

I am just about to start reading this book, after finishing The Google Story a couple of weeks ago. I had heard good things about it, and decided to add it to a recent Amazon.com purchase.

Other Books

I am also going to re-read some of my favourite books, such as Don’t Make Me Think and The Design of Everyday Things and may post a quick review of them in the coming months.

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